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About Us

Established in 2008, Christie Alliance has been growing and aiming to become the most prominent law firm in Indonesia.

Since its establishment, Christie Alliance focuses itself in the areas of litigation, ranging from public law related litigation through private law related ligation i.e. civil and commercial matters.

Litigators at Christie Alliance consistently work harder and prudently rather than exercising unethical conduct. In representing clients in court cases, lawyers at Christie Alliance provide services reflecting the firm’s main characters of honesty, lawful-minds, and prudence.

The most important principle preserved by Christie Allliance in providing legal services is to perform diligently in line with the client’s interest by also maintaining the client’s credibility.

Within Christie Alliance’s internal arrangement, Litigation Division actively backs up Corporate Division in performing particular services. This to ensure that potential dispute from corporate documents can be listed and analyzed, therefore advice on how the client should protect its company can be provided.

The above matters tailored Christie Alliance to have its Litigation Division as primary building block of the firm which ultimately has resulted in litigation as the specialty of Christie Alliance.

Our Method


Negotiation is the most common method of finding and addressing parties a solution towards a harmonious relationship in a complexity of business agreement formation planned between future contracting parties, or even settlement of disagreements between contracted entities. Christie Alliance members have been recognized as an experienced business and legal negotiators expanding from a pre-dispute negotiator, especially in a contract formation period, through dispute settlement negotiator who have involved in hard and complicated out-of-court negotiation. Mediation is dispute settlement process usually handled by a single mediator who does not make judgments about either party. He or she will help facilitate a dialogue so that the disputants can reach a mutually agreeable solution. Christie Alliance provides a certified out-of court and court annexed mediator thus acting as a neutral third party to a dispute. Christie Alliance also provides representation service to clients in a mediation assisting the client to develop a future solution which shall be a factual and legal winning solution.


Litigation is a globally well-known adversarial dispute resolution method which has been offered in every jurisdiction for centuries. It is the last resort of disputing parties to find judging to their cases. Christie Alliance lawyers possessed a broad knowledge of the Indonesian legal systems, ranging from substantive laws to procedural laws. The combination of these laws has formed a finest tool which has also equipped our experienced litigators in representing the clients in every types and levels of court room in Indonesia.


Arbitration is a proceeding in which disputing parties present their case before a neutral third party, the arbitrator(s), who then decides the dispute much like a judge would in a court room. Arbitration often allows the parties to resolve disputes more quickly and cheaply than by going to court. Christie Alliance advocates a disputing party in arbitration with broad knowledge of international arbitration rules. In Indonesia, Christie Alliance familiarizes itself with BANI Rules enabling its counsels to file claims or counter-claims formed under the Indonesian legal system. Internationally, Christie Alliance members have been trained to master foreign international arbitration rules and therefore are able to represent a party in international proceedings. Further, Christie Alliance holds ties with international arbitrators providing its clients with list of names of well experienced arbitrators thus shall encourage the clients to proceed in a foreign arbitration.